Our Teachers



Watercolor & Ink based artist.

Daisy studied Design in media and photography during University and has a keen love for Chinese ink and calligraphy. She loves spending time with little kids and sometimes wishes she were still one herself. She enjoys reading and going on adventures both inside a book and outside with nature.

3 words: Happy-go-lucky


Jennifer is a visual artist based in Sydney. She loves both classical and contemporary styles of art. Creating images of the natural world, her works reflects the beauty of the nature. She enjoys working with children, drawing, painting, folk art and craftworks. In her spare time, she likes visiting the art gallery, museums and polishing her art skills. Her dream is to constantly explore new art styles and teaching techniques, and creating beautiful illustrated picture books.

3 words: Passionate art lover/teacher



Miranda graduated with a degree in interactive media design and is currently studying a Master of Education at Macquarie University. She wants to inspire children by encouraging their imagination to draw. She has her own design studio in Sydney and provides graphic design services to more than 30+ companies. She is inspired by the soft and beautiful colours in Monet’s paintings.

3 Words: Patient, hardworking and friendly