Term 4 面授课程
Term 4 Face to face art Program


Beginner Class  (Ages 4-6)


Introducing young children to the fundamental skills involved in perceiving the world around them and translating that onto paper. Introduction into line, shape and form and the concept of space, composition and colour. Children will be learning how to sketch, paint and create using different mediums such as pencil sketching, hand crafts, oil pastels and more.


Monday        16:00PM-17:30PM

Saturday      10:30AM-11:30AM



Fee: $55 first trial / $550 per term (10 weeks)

Intermediate Class (Ages 6-8)


Children will be learning to hone their skills in art by going more in depth into art techniques with sketching, watercolours and introduction into acrylic painting.


Monday        16:00-17:30PM

Saturday     10:00-11:30AM


Fee: $55 first trial / $550 per term (10 weeks)

Advanced Class (Ages 8-12)


Our advanced classes will teach older children to evaluate their own works and to refine their art skills in different mediums by improving their skills and techniques in fun focus classes exploring a range of different methods of art such as sketching, watercolour, advanced acrylic painting.


Thursday       16:00PM-17:30PM


Fee: $65 first trial / $650 per term (10 weeks)


Online Art Programs


We will be conducting online art classes every Wednesday afternoon 16:00PM-17:30PM! Online program will be updated once a week, stay home and have some fun with art:)


Snowman Crystal Ball

星期三 (12月16号) 下午16:00-下午17:30

Wednesday (16th December) 16:00PM-17:30PM

需要材料:A4 白纸, 2B/HB 铅笔 ,橡皮,黑色马克笔,彩色铅笔

Materials Needed: A4 Paper, 2B/HB Pencil, Rubber, Black Sharpie Pen, Coloured Pencils

Paint Brushes


Adult Acrylic Art Programs


Adult Acrylic Art Program


Every Thursday 12:00PM-14:00PM


The Adult Acrylic Art Program has officially begun to accept registration. No experience is required. You are welcome to bring your favourite pictures or photos as the subject of painting. Our teachers will guide you to develop your potential and creativity, and lead you to create and complete your own masterpieces.

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