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Sky art school has three classrooms and all of them are equipped with advanced facilities and unique designs. We offer classes on various kinds of unique creative art with themes ranging from clay, colour sketching, acrylic painting as well as watercolours. Our school is dedicated to offering the best art education for your little ones to develope their imagination.

​​Sky Art School一家以培养学生综合美术能力的高端艺术学校。学校位于Chatswood中心地段,三个具有创意和艺术氛围的精心设计的教室为学生提供舒适的教学环境。学校课程多元化,从适合低龄的儿童美术启蒙初级班到专业的水彩丙烯课程,更有极赋创新的创意美术课系列以激发学生的创造力,审美和艺术鉴赏能力。


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The 2020 Year is open for enrollment! We look forward to beginning this art journey with your little ones.

(The enrollment course package is based on 10 classes, parents who introduce friends to sign up will receive a free class per recommendation).





What the parents say:

“I highly recommend Sky Art school to any parent who is looking for a good place to develop his or her child’s interest and ability in art. Our daughter Megan started art classes there at the age of 3 and a half. The five months she spent at the school piqued her interest in art and it was evident that she enjoyed every class she attended. As the weeks passed, her sketches, colouring and painting showed noticeable improvement. I realised that it was because she was applying the framework and techniques that were taught to her in this art school. We have since returned to our home country, but we want to thank all the teachers and staff for their professionalism and dedication to the children. A special thank you goes to Miranda for so earnestly teaching and guiding our Megan during class, and for helping to open her mind and imagination to this wonderful world of art.”

- Pangjing, daughter Megan (3) attended our Beginner class

”My daughter loved her art class each week. Friendly and patient teachers encourage her to be herself. I recommended the school to my friends for the quality of the class and amazing staff there. Overall 10/10.”

– Dani, daughter Adayr (4) attends our Beginner class

“Wonderful premises and lovely staff. My daughter loved her class today and is looking forward to going again next week.”

– John, daughter Kimberly (11) attended our Holiday workshop


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